A not-necessarily-comprehensive user’s guide to releasing music in an ever-evolving landscape of industry standards and marketplace expectations - Results may vary.

The ultimate NZ independent artist release resource, courtesy of Tiny Triumph Recordings.

The process that surrounds the relationship and the conduct of artists and operators of professional studios in bringing the best piece of music created in the modern studios of today.

Singing Tips, as written by Jann McMichael from Natural Vocal Freedom.

Hints and Tips to assist with making a music video.

Hints and Tips to assist with writing songs.

There is more than one way to play a chord and there is definitely more than one way to have a career in a creative field such as music.

Too often, musicians spend wasted energy arguing over 'this way or that way', not realising that by opening one’s mind to learning from both ways could be extremely beneficial to the practitioner.

Musicians often grow up with the pre-programmed notion of getting in a van and touring the country to be 'discovered'. Here are some hints and tips to help you to make a living from your music.