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Being interviewed can be daunting, especially to those who are not used to answering questions on the go. This article looks at some things you can do to help prepare.

Criticism is something that we all have to deal with, and it’s something which is prevalent in every industry. While a difficult but necessary part of being a musician, using criticism to your advantage can help to ensure your longevity within the music industry. This article looks at strategies for dealing with criticism.

It can be challenging making headway in what is often described as an overcrowded and competitive music industry. While it’s essential to stand up above everyone else in order to receive recognition for your music, taking the time to hone your craft will also pay dividends. This article looks at how you can rise above the noise in today’s modern music industry.

Photographers attending live gigs is commonplace within New Zealand, and it needs to be acknowledged that the conditions in which they photograph in are usually less than desirable. This article looks at what a band or musician can do to help those photographers obtain good quality live gig photos.

You’ve honed your skills, and you’re at the point where you want to start gigging with a band. Joining a band is the easiest way to hit the ground running with the opportunity to perform in front of a ready-made fanbase. Yet, it may be difficult to find a group of like-minded individuals playing the music you enjoy. So does it make sense to try to join an existing band, or should you just form a band of your own? Article with thanks to Rawiri McKinney from Riff Raff Promotions.

Social media can be used as a hunting ground for scammers, and it’s now more important than ever before to protect yourself from such scams. Bands and musicians can take that one step further, and also do what they can to protect their fans from scams. Here are some helpful suggestions on how you can protect your fans from scams.

The NZ music industry has one of the highest rates of mental health difficulties and suicide in New Zealand. Navigating through the industry can be both daunting and stressful, and it can be difficult to attain true success. This article provides helpful advice for surviving through adversity in the NZ music industry.

Many young artists hope to be 'discovered' by a record label and whisked away to stardom, but this path to success is increasingly rear in the modern world. Gareth Shute looks at when and how you should approach a record label.

In today’s modern times, there are many facets to social media, and it can be difficult to gain an understanding of how each individual platform works. Here are some suggestions to assist with promoting your music on social media.

A not-necessarily-comprehensive user’s guide to releasing music in an ever-evolving landscape of industry standards and marketplace expectations - Results may vary.

Auckland rocker JP Carroll discusses ways in which we can all get behind our local bands and musicians and show our support for them.

A collection of links for NZ Music Industry Hui, Korero & Masterclass videos.

Paula Yeoman from NicNak Media manages a successful roster of talent. As an artist manager she has seen first-hand just how important support and active engagement is. Paula has taken the liberty of making a check list.

Publicity and promotions are an important part of any release campaign or tour. Getting media to help promote your music allows you to reach a wider audience, which can be invaluable to both emerging and established artists. But if your budget is tight and it’s not possible to pay professionals to do your PR, there are things that you can do yourself.

Playing a festival is a great stepping stone for a band. It puts them in front of a large crowd of people, many of whom wouldn’t have seen them before. But how is an act able to get such a slot in the first place? Resource by: Gareth Shute

Suggestions to help with writing your biography

One way to help promote your music and brand at gigs is by having a merch desk. Here are some helpful hints and tips to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The ultimate NZ independent artist release resource, courtesy of Tiny Triumph Recordings.

In the modern world, there are a multitude of ways to connect with potential fans and encourage them along to a gig. Here are some crucial aspects to think ab out in order to get an audience through the door.

Photographers who take professional promo photos.

NZ music organisations and associations on Facebook.

Links to NZ music on YouTube.

Books about different aspects of NZ music.

There is no tried and true formula for musical perfection but rather there are some guidelines which give good shape and direction to the decision making process.

5 helpful musician tips, complete with action steps to help you on your way.

The process that surrounds the relationship and the conduct of artists and operators of professional studios in bringing the best piece of music created in the modern studios of today.

Singing Tips, as written by Jann McMichael from Natural Vocal Freedom.

Hints and Tips to assist with making a music video.

Cover bands have been the preferred option for main stream population to hear their favourite songs being played in a live format.

Many a band has been faced with the dilemma of how to integrate the sounds of their individual instruments and the Public Address (PA) system. This article helps with stage setups.

Hints and Tips to assist with writing songs.

General tips for NZ Musicians to make it easier to enjoy the process.

Having faith that things will work out great is such an important trait to develop.

Tools that can help you to write stronger set lists.

While it can be argued that time can’t be managed, you certainly can manage what you choose to do with your time.

The ability to connect and learn using online tools has really unlocked some brilliant opportunities for many musicians.

Great teachers are often the ones that live as great students. Professional musicians can benefit from continued learning just as much, if not more than beginners.

Ideas that you can use in 'the waiting', so you still enjoy your time as you eagerly anticipate a result.

There is more than one way to play a chord and there is definitely more than one way to have a career in a creative field such as music.

Hints and Tips for self-promoting gigs and tours.

Too often, musicians spend wasted energy arguing over 'this way or that way', not realising that by opening one’s mind to learning from both ways could be extremely beneficial to the practitioner.

Suggestions to help with promoting your music.

Musicians often grow up with the pre-programmed notion of getting in a van and touring the country to be 'discovered'. Here are some hints and tips to help you to make a living from your music.

How to stand out, how to persevere and be resilient, and how to get noticed.

NZ is lucky to have more radio stations per capita than anywhere else in the world. It's a big challenge to get your music played on radio, but it can expose your music to many more sets of ears around the country.

Without initial engagement from students towards their learning, wisdom told from teacher to class can fall on deaf ears.

Appreciation of others helps to understand from their point of view, and in many cases empathise with feelings put across.

An informative article about the dangers of the music industry.

Many media organisations receive several press releases every day, and these guidelines may help to make your press release stand out from the rest.

Need some inspiration for how to come up with a new band name? Check out these suggestions.