5 helpful musician tips, complete with action steps to help you on your way.

General tips for NZ Musicians to make it easier to enjoy the process.

Having faith that things will work out great is such an important trait to develop.

Tools that can help you to write stronger set lists.

While it can be argued that time can’t be managed, you certainly can manage what you choose to do with your time.

The ability to connect and learn using online tools has really unlocked some brilliant opportunities for many musicians.

Great teachers are often the ones that live as great students. Professional musicians can benefit from continued learning just as much, if not more than beginners.

Ideas that you can use in 'the waiting', so you still enjoy your time as you eagerly anticipate a result.

There is more than one way to play a chord and there is definitely more than one way to have a career in a creative field such as music.

Too often, musicians spend wasted energy arguing over 'this way or that way', not realising that by opening one’s mind to learning from both ways could be extremely beneficial to the practitioner.