In today’s modern times, there are many facets to social media, and it can be difficult to gain an understanding of how each individual platform works. Here are some suggestions to assist with promoting your music on social media.

A not-necessarily-comprehensive user’s guide to releasing music in an ever-evolving landscape of industry standards and marketplace expectations - Results may vary.

Suggestions to help with writing your biography

One way to help promote your music and brand at gigs is by having a merch desk. Here are some helpful hints and tips to ensure everything runs smoothly.

While it can be argued that time can’t be managed, you certainly can manage what you choose to do with your time.

Ideas that you can use in 'the waiting', so you still enjoy your time as you eagerly anticipate a result.

Suggestions to help with promoting your music.

How to stand out, how to persevere and be resilient, and how to get noticed.